Catalogue design hints and tips

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In this digital age, where many try to convince us that ‘print is dead’, product catalogues are still a very much alive. They are still a very effective marketing tool and are a great compliment to an ecommerce website. A catalogue will often drive traffic to it and add credibility to a business. Also, after initially browsing a catalogue, customers are more likely to visit a website for more information and to make a purchase.

A good, well designed, professional catalogue has a long lifespan. Often becoming a ‘coffee table read’, with a long shelf life. Again increasing sales, brand awareness and reaching new customers.

Designing and creating an appealing catalogue that the customer will want to peruse is an art in it’s self. Here are a few hints and tips on how to achieve this:

Consider your catalogue cover design carefully

Cover design and imagery should reflect the product inside the catalogue, and should entice people to open and browse. The photography should show your ranges in their best light, snaps on your phone simply wont do in todays competitive world. The catalogue cover imagery should give the viewer a good idea of what product is within the catalogue. When making decisions on the catalogue design you should constantly ask yourself “what will my customers think”?

Know your target audience and ensure your catalogue design will appeal to them

No matter what your product, from nails to yachts, from school books to kitchens, from fridges to handbags, your catalogue design should appeal to your target audience. The catalogues look and feel should differentiate you from your competition and improve brand awareness.

Analyse your sales and push your most profitable products

By featuring your most profitable lines on the “hot spots” on your catalogues pages, your customers will be drawn to them. The top outer corners are consider to be the best places on the pages, as your readers eyes are naturally drawn to them. Also make the products stand out on the catalogue pages by making them larger and stronger than the other products on the catalogue page.

Always analyse your sales, so you learn what works and what doesn’t. Consider your “retun on investment”. This will give you a greater understanding of what your customers want and like and will help you to improve future catalogues.

Always consider “return on investment” (ROI) and analyse your catalogue sales. This will give you valuable insight into what your customer likes and wants, and will enable you to improve your catalogues performance in future years.

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Cross sell product in your catalogue

By placing companion products on the same pages or cross referencing them can increase sales by as much as 5-15% (if done correctly). So carefully consider what goes on your catalogue pages and where.

Selling on multiple channels is far more effective

Advertising on multiple channels at the same time is much more effective and will improve sales.
Push your website in your catalogue and visa versa. Make sure your branding and sales messages are the same in both to improve your customers recognition of your brands and products. Also adding your catalogue download to your website will help; either as a flip book or a simple pdf.

Keep your catalogue and corporate style consistent

The most successful companies are the ones with the most recognisable brands, and these take year and years to build. You will damage brand recognistion and customer loyalty if you are constantly changing the look of your catalogue or website because “you fancy a change” or your competition has had a re-brand. You should remember that you will see your catalogue, website and branding alot more than your customers. Yet it may all be new to your customer! So resist changing your corporate look at the drop of a hat (that is if youhave even developed one!)

Decades of catalogue design experience

At Andrew Burdett Design we have been designing catalogues for decades. Our expertise in catalogue design and production is second to none, so if you want to get the “most bang for your buck” we can help you through the whole, complex, catalogue production process. From catalogue planning, catalogue page and cover design, catalogue photography, artwork, proofing, catalogue print, and even fulfillment. Call us today on ‭01629 732148‬ for a FREE chat on how we can help you improve your catalogue design and increase sales.

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