Catalogue design through the ages: 1970s

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Here’s the our second blog in our “Catalogue design through the ages” series. This time the 1970’s, the decade of polyester, flares, strikes and dodgy style. It’s also the era that spawned ‘catalogue man’ with his brilliant / comical poses.

A page from the 1972 Kays catalogue featuring Coronation Streets Pat Phoenix (looking thoughtful). Also an early 70s Sony catalogue with 2 colour, with single black and white imagery.
1970 catalogue double page spread
An early seventies catalogue double page spread (rather “un-PC” but very on trend for that time)
Argos catalogue cover from 1976 and a Sears catalogue from 1975 (featuring “catalogue man”)
A “posse of catalogue men” feature on this double page clothing spread from a 1977 Kays catalogue

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