Creating a successful catalogue design

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Today’s marketplace is very competitive. The ranges of products offered by competitors is often very similar on both price and quality (often being the very same product from the same supplier). This is when good design and promotion will prevail. Creating the desire for your products above those of your competitors.

Creating demand through good design

Good catalogue designers have learned to create demand and desire for products through people’s emotions. For example driving that Jaguar though the Alps creates an impression of glamour and may even give rise to jealousy. Great catalogue design displays your product in the best light, may give the impression that your products will improve a customers lives or make them feel good. From a music system to baking ingredients, the way your product is presented will affect the product choice of consumers.

What makes good catalogue design?

Don’t over fill pages! Cramming extra product onto pages may save a little on catalogue print, but will cost you a lot more in lost sales. Professional photography that also shows your product in use or in a flattering light will help sales as it will show your product in it’s best light that is more attractive to prospective customers. A few DIY snaps taken on your iPhone will not. For example, are your more likely to moved to buy a bike on a page with a dozen other bikes or one that is being ridden in a beautiful location, perhaps in the mountains?

“The devil is in the detail”

A catalogue still has to be a practical sales tool, and you still need to earn a customers trust. Always have full contact details and a phone number, so they can see you have premises should they need to get in touch (not some PO Box in the Outer Hebrides). Ensure you give them enough information about your products so they can make an informed decision about buying your goods. How much detail you give depends on your market place. For example, a shopper buying a kettle will only need to know its wattage, size and colour. Where as a keen gamer buying a PC may want to know every detail of the technical information.

Relate to your customers

One of the most important elements of successful catalogue design is that it relates and appeals to your prospective customers. It should be attractive enough to appeal to them , but not so high end as to alienate them. Your choice of colour, use of branding, paper weight, catalogue size and layout will all effect how well your catalogue is received by your market. Think about what appeals to your customers in your market. What works for Mercedes does not necessarily work for Skoda, even though they are both selling cars.

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