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Based in Lincolnshire “Shop4Rattan” is the outdoor furniture brand of furniture retailer ‘Trade Leisure’. Initially they used a local ‘website designer’ for their first furniture ecommerce website but unfortunately the site worked OK but looked unprofessional (athis is often the case with “web designers” from a programming background). For many years we have worked for Trade Leisure on a wide variety of design projects from brochures, to advertising, to outdoor banners.

After poor customer feedback, they realise that the sites functionality was OK but need to be professionally designed. Workig with their current web developer we redesigned the furniture ecommerce website. Over the years we have worked with many third party developers and programmers from as far a field as the Denmark, USA and even Indonesia, so we have a good understanding of how to get the best out of them and produce sites that look great and work well!

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