10 reasons you should use WordPress for your website

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We are often asked, “Why should I use WordPress for my business website design? Surely my old website site good enough? Hopefully these 10 simple reasons will answer those questions.

1) WordPress is ‘Open Source’

This basically means that the WordPress platform is free to use. Since it’s launch in 2003, 1000’s of developers, coders and designers have contributed towards it’s development. There is however a cost to design, create and host a site, that is charged by design companies like ourselves to build a bespoke site for your business or organisation. What using WordPress does mean is that you are not getting tied into a bespoke content management system (CMS) as there are lots of website design companies that can help maintain and develop your site.

2) Easy to Use

If you can use a computer, chances are you can use WordPress. It’s very easy to use. Making changes to your website content and editing text is very simple, meaning you don’t have to pay for a webmaster and wait for them to implement your changes. When you hire a website design company such as Andrew Burdett Design we will always help you with any queries and if required offer training in WordPress.

3) Lots of “Functionality” and “Plug-ins”

Off the shelf WordPress is packed with powerful functions such as blogging, comments, trackbacks, menus, etc. And should you want something bespoke or more complex (e-commerce, calendars, dairies, analytics, forms, twitter feeds etc) chances are that there has been a plug-in developed to do that already as 30% of all websites are created in WordPress (as of March 2019 according to VentureBeat).

Simple plug-ins tend to be free, and more complex can be as much as £150. Currently there are over 32,000 plug-ins available!

4) Popularity

There are apparently over 76 million websites created using WordPress on the World Wide Web! These aren’t just bloggers either; there are 5 times as many business sites in WordPress than there are blog sites. Also, many famous brands, businesses and organisations use WordPress. Here’s just a few… BBC, Sony Music, Variety, Xerox, The Rolling Stones, Top Gear, Lexus.

5) Organic SEO Friendly

Ranking highly on the search engines is a must for any website. There is no point in having a gorgeous site if no ones visits it. WordPress has built in SEO features, meaning your site can be found. If you are in a competitive market on the web or have a specific “search term” in mind, we can also help to improve your sites ranking easily and cost effectively.

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6) Google Friendly

As Google is the most popular search engine, it is important your website is “Google friendly”. As it happens, Google loves WordPress.
Here’s why:
• WordPress is designed logically
• WordPress is text based
• WordPress allows you optimise your website for Search Engines
• WordPress is mobile friendly (as it can be Responsive to suit all devices: phones, tablets, laptops etc)
• WordPress is the ultimate blogging tool – Google loves blogs.

7) Responsive (mobile friendly)

More and more website visitors are using smart phones and tablets, so your site needs to keep up with these. WordPress sites can be responsive ie they will resize to suit the visitors hardware.

8) Up-to-date

The last thing you want your website to be is obsolete. WordPress is constantly underdevelopment by it’s community of developers, so it will work on all browsers and won’t be out-of-date next year. Also as your company or organisation grows we can keep the look of the site fresh and exciting using new “themes”.

9) Fabulous Support

With so many users and websites out there, the answer to almost any query is usually available on-line, from YouTube clips, from WordPress Codex or from WordPress website design companies (like ourselves).

10) Security

WordPress is considered quite safe to run any website as it has been developed with security in mind. Should any new bugs or viruses develop the army of WordPress developers will soon create a fix. These updates are very easy to install and usually only require one click and no more than a few minutes to upload.

10a) It’s good enough for us!

This website was designed and built using WordPress.

Should you require a WordPress website for your business or organisation call the WordPress website design experts, Andrew Burdett Design on 01629 732148‬, we’d love to hear from you.

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