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We have over two decades experience of print planning, print buying and sourcing print, so you can be sure we will offer you the finest printing services and at very competitive prices

Andrew Burdett Design are experts in print. We pride ourselves on supplying a helpful, cost effective, print service. We strive to explain and help our customers throughout the whole printing and production process and ensure our clients achieve the highest quality printed materials in the most cost effective way. Here is a brief overview of some of the printing processes Andrew Burdett Design offer:

Digital Print

Digital printing can take many forms from large format (for posters, banners or signage), toner based sheet-fed to roll feed ink based (for flyers, brochures, booklets, etc). One thing all digital printers have in common is that they use plateless technology that is driven by digital data. This means digital print is ideal for very short catalogue runs (as there is no ‘make ready’ or film, or plate costs). Digital printers can print one copy upwards and also personalise data such as names or addresses.

Sheet-Fed Offset Printing

Individual sheets of paper are fed into the press in the sheet-fed printing process. This method is most commonly used for the printing of shorter-run brochures,magazines, reports, leaflets and catalogues. Presses can vary considerably in size from B3 (for printing an A4 double page spread or A3 sheets) to B1 (8 x A4 pages or for printing A1).

Web Offset Printing

Web offset print feeds the paper into press from a roll (web) and is generally used for larger print runs of at least 10,000+ due to the larger set up costs and press speeds, so this is usually used on larger leaflet, brochure, report or catalogue runs. Some web printing presses can print at speeds in excess of 1,000 metres per minute and also have the ‘in-line finishing’ which is the ability to cut, fold and perforate.

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Digital catalogue printers
A typical B3, sheet feed, digital printing press
Sheet fed litho catalogue print experts
B2, 5 colour, sheet fed, litho, printing press
Web printing press for larger run catalogues
A typical web offset printing press