Tips to promote and grow your business (Part 1)

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Whether you’ve been in business for decades or are a fresh start-up, here are a few proven promotional and marketing strategies that will help your company or organisation gain new customers without “breaking the bank”:

Planning is everything!

Work out who your best prospective customers are and establish the best way to reach them. The company’s managing director may not be the best person the to approach. It could be the marketing manager, the personnel department or the buyer? Could you find them in the social media (Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, Linked-in, or Facebook)? Are there any local business meeting groups where you can meet prospective customers face to face? Will your customers be looking on the web for suppliers, using search engines such as Google or Bing? You need to have worked all this out before you start any new marketing.

Do you have a website?

If you don’t have a web presence, get one set up! There are several free template sites out there, but they often look a little unprofessional and “DIY”. We can create a website for your for as little as £120 ExVAT, for a single page site. £399 exVAT will get you a 3 page site, email, domain name and web hosting. The domain name you choose is vital, as it can effect search engine optimisation and so needs alot of thought (something that we can also help you with as part of our service)
Here’s a few examples of websites we have designed and created… (click here)

Responsive website design for the High Peak & Hope Valley Community Rail Partnership

Add your business to free listing websites

There are loads of free business and local directories online where you can add your business description, telephone, email and website address for free (This also has the advantage of improving your sites SEO). Simply “google” business directory. (Avoid the ones that require ‘back links’, as they are basically using you for their SEO).

Create a social media presence

Create a page or listing for your business or organisation on Linked-in, Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Make sure your profile includes good keywords, an accurate description and link to your website. Search for groups or forums that discuss your market and get involved in the conversations, but don’t just blatantly promote yourself, as you will be seen as spam and may even get blocked from the group. If you dont have the time to create your facebook page, or twitter account, we can help. We can professionally design your pages, and even write stories or create updates, should your require.

As you can see we have lots of ways of helping your business, after all we have been going since 1999 (and had a decade in industry prior to that). Andrew Burdett Design have helped hundreds of customers with their promotions, design, photography, copywriting, marketing and PR. If you would like us to help call 01629 732148‬ for a FREE chat. We’d love to help.

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