Logo Design Tips


Keep a logo design simple

Simplicity makes a logo more versatile and memorable. A less fussy logo design is also easier to recognise and has the added benefit of making it easier to reproduce in different media (eg a full colour complex logo will cost more to embroider on clothing than a simple design that uses one or two colours!)

Logo design sheffield, logo designers stoney middleton
A logo design for an interior designer in Stoney Middleton, Peak District

A logo should be memorable

Often achieved by keeping a logo design simple. A logo that can easily be remembered means that you’ll have a strong brand. So when someone eventually decides they want the product you sell they remember you – not your competition with the complex, unprofessional logo.

Logo design chesterfield, logo designers hathersage
A single colour logo for an online radio station based in London

A logo must stand the test of time

To often designers want to be on trend for the sake of it. A logo should stand the test of time. It should be ‘future proof’ ie. a logo should still be effective in five, ten or even twenty years time! Not be out of date in 2 years because the creator wanted to use the trendy typeface of that week!

NHS logo design, public sector logo designers
A logo we designed for a policy unit of the NHS specialising in orthopaedics

An effective logo should be versatile

Your logo design should reproduce in any medium you are going to use: web, screen print, signage, vehicle graphics and exhibitions. It should work small and large, from a business card to a billboard. If it doesn’t it’s not fit for purpose!

logo design sheffield, business logo designers, logo design baslow
A single colour logo concept for a Sheffield based business consultants

A logo design should be appropriate

A logo should reflect a business or organisation. You don’t want a rhino representing a knitwear shop, or use a “graffiti” typeface for a golf club!

A logo we created for a local mower sales and repairs business, based in Bamford
A logo we created for a local mower sales and repairs business, based in Bamford

Don’t use stock imagery

Most stock libraries have graphics and illustrations that you may think are suitable to use as part of a logo. Not only do you run the risk of your competitor having the same brand image, and customers thinking they have “seen that somewhere before”. But also most of these libraries DO NOT allow their images to be used for logos or branding. A legal battle with these wealthy corporation is best and easily avoided! Ensure your logo is original!

Logo design mtb, brand design company peak district
A logo we created for the Peak District MTB advocacy group.

Get feedback and do research

You may think you know your business or industry backwards, but it is always worth asking around for feedback (friends, family, collegues, the more the merrier!) You may miss something important. Not everyone thinks the same!

shop logo design, branding for shops
Logo for an antique shop based in Hope, in the Peak District. It was used on their website, cards, vehicles and signage.

Employ a professional

Your logo will represent your company or organisation. Surely you want this to represent you as professional? After all, you would leave your dental work to a dentist!

Chauffeur logo great longstone
A logo we designed for a Great Longstone based chauffeur business.

A wealth of logo design experience

As you can see from the various examples on this blog, we are experts in logo design. We have worked with huge international businesses and sole traders. We have the expertise and experience to design a logo or brand for your business or organisation (at very competitive rates) that you will be proud of!

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