Website Design Sheffield Hallam
A research website we designed, developed and hosted for Sheffield Hallam University and the charity, Macmillan.

Research website design Sheffield Hallam University & Macmillan

Since 1999 we have been involved in website design and development. From simple holding pages to complex e-commerce sites. Andrew Burdett Design have the expertise to create a website that not only looks great but also performs and works well.

Our experienced designers know how to create website designs that engage the visitor and show your business or organisation in it’s ‘best light.’ We understand branding and how to implement this into a website. Our developers know how to write concise bug-free code. They are also experts in translating creative designs into functioning, easy to use, working websites.

Above are a few page examples of a research website design we created for Sheffield Hallam University and the charity Macmillan. We designed and developed the website in less than 6 weeks, so it could be launched at the same time as other parts of the project. The site included many features including: participant login, questionnaires, forms, timed sections, timed email reminders, database integration, email integration, data collection and extraction. The project ran over three consecutive days, with a follow up email and questionnaire four weeks later.

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Sheffield Hallam University
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