Helping the Community – Grindleford, Peak District

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Helping the Community – Grindleford, Peak District

We are very lucky to have a studio that’s located in the historic Derbyshire, Peak District village of Bamford and recently have become involved with a few local Hope Valley community projects: Grindleford Community Shop (currently a weekly pop up shop run by an small army of local volunteers) and the Grindleford News (village newsletter).

Grindleford Community Shop – Logo Design and Marketing

Grindleford lost it’s last village shop several years ago (in a decade, the local village shop, post office and butchers have all closed), so the locals have started their own community shop, completely run by volunteers. Initially as a pop up on Saturday mornings in the pavillion and hopefully soon permanently the church vestry, with longer opening hours. We heard of their struggle (as they are near neighbours in the next village down the Hope Valley) and wanted to help.They had run a competition to design a shop logo and wanted to combine a couple of the entries and give it a more professional feel. So we stepped in and designed their logo, which was greatly appreciated and has since appeared in promotional leaflets, A boards and banners (again, designed and produced by us). For more information on the Grindleford Community Shop visit:

Grindleford News – Village Newsletter Design & Print

For several years Grindleford has produced a local village newsletter, which had great content (written by members of the community), but was rather lacking in appearance, as it was created in ‘word’ and photocopied.

After a read I loved the publication and asked the editor if I could help. Working with her I re-designed the newsletter, added photographs and organised the print, improving the look and print quality of “Grindi News” – to the delight of the villagers.

If you have a local, worthwhile cause in the Peak District or surrounding area, we can help with your design (web and print), and marketing. Please email: