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Responsive website design and build for the ‘GIRFT’ programme

Andrew Burdett Design are experts in website design for both the public and private sectors, businesses, charities and organisations. We have designed and built responsive websites for sole traders thought to large organisations. For several years we have worked with NHS and have designed and produced numerous printed materials for the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) Programme including: reports, displays, leaflets and brochures.

The Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) Programme is tasked with helping to improve the quality of care in the NHS. Initially we were asked to create a simple holding page for them. The programme has now grown into a national project and needed a CMS website that could grow and develop with it, so they asked us to create their new website.

Responsive NHS Website Design for the Modern Age

In 2014 the tipping point was passed globally, where the number of mobile web users passed those using desktop computers to brow the internet. Currently in the UK mobile use stands at approximately 61% of minutes spent online.

At Andrew Burdett Design we build all our websites to be responsive, ie. mobile ready. They resize to suit the viewers device. From a small mobile phone, through the various sizes of tablets, and laptops, to high definition desktops; we create websites for our clients that not only look great but work on all platforms and devices.

So the brief from the GIRFT comms team was to build them a responsive, future proof website with a content management system, so they could update the information themselves. Since then we have commenced work on another responsive NHS website design for a different area of the organisation. This will soon be going into development and beta testing.

No matter what the size of your organisation or business. Andrew Burdett Design can design, build and host your website. We guarantee that it will not only look great, but will be responsive, future proof and search engine friendly.


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